A fasting person having sexual dreams

Question: One morning in Ramadaan, I had a sexual dream after Fajr (Dawn) Prayer and Maniy (sperm released on orgasm) was discharged. I know that masturbation in Ramadaan is Haraam (prohibited), but I cannot control these sexual dreams. I hope Your Eminence will answer my question whether my Sawm (Fast) was invalidated and if it was, am I a sinner and should I make up for this day? What else should I do to expiate breaking Sawm on this day?

Answer: Having a sexual dream does not invalidate one’s Sawm because it was out of your control. However, you should take Janaabah Ghusl (full ritual bath to cleanse of sexual discharge) to be ready for the Salaah (Prayer). The ruling on having a sexual dream is not the same as that of masturbation because masturbation is done willingly while sexual dreams are not... read more here.

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