Does the air force commissioned of patrolling take the same ruling as traveling?

Question: As Ramadaan approaches, the first air battalion in the Northern Region is being commissioned to fly at least a six-hour patrol a day over the northern borders. As a result, the pilots exert strenuous effort to perform this task and cannot observe Sawm (Fast) due to safety procedures. It should be known that there are two flight shifts, day and at night. Sometimes, there is an additional patrol on standby. Therefore, we would like to submit the case to the authorities concerned to instruct us on the issue of allowing the pilots to break their Sawm, so that they will be able to properly complete their task and safeguard lives and properties.

Answer: First: Commissioned pilots with the task of patrolling the northern borders, which are at the distance of eighty kilometers from their places of residence, the distance which permits shortening Salaah (Prayer), are permitted to break Sawm once they depart their base. It is permissible to break Sawm before flying, if more here.


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