Permanent suffering from an illness before Ramadaan until death

Question: My sister’s husband suffered from cancer, may Allaah protect us and you from it, and underwent surgery. In that year 1411 A.H., he became very sick before, during, and after Ramadaan. He died after Ramadaan, may Allaah admit him to Paradise. He did not fast the Ramadaan of that year.

The question is: How much Kaffaarah (expiation) should be paid for a missed day? Is it a Saa` (1 Saa` = 3 kg. Approx.), more, or less? Is it permissible to give rice instead of wheat? Is it permissible to give only wheat?

Should the Kaffaarah be paid all at once on one day or day by day? We would like to know the answer to this question. It should be known that his wife, my sister, will pay this Kaffaarah. He had young children and two wives, my sister and her co-wife who is from our tribe. He also was burdened with debts.

Answer: If your sister’s husband continued to suffer from this illness before Ramadaan until his death, you have not to make up for the missed days of fast or to pay Kaffaarah. He is exempted from fast during Ramadaan due to illness, and because he could not fast after Ramadaan due to the continuation of his disease until more here.


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