The patient harmed by Sawm may break it and make up for it upon recovery

Question: I am ill and the doctor has asked me not to perform Sawm (Fast). This doctor is Muslim and performs Salaah (Prayer) with us in the Masjid (mosque). Should I follow his advice, taking into consideration that I cannot endure abstaining from water for more than two hours? If I do not perform Sawm, is it possible to feed a Miskeen (needy) for each day in which I break my Sawm through the program of feeding a fasting person coordinated by charities or the Islaamic Relief Organization? I appreciate your guidance, may Allaah guide you.

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned, it is better to break Sawm, as it will be beneficial for you and will rid you of any difficulty while you have a legal excuse – illness. You should make up for the missed days of Sawm when you recover, and you are not obliged to feed Miskeens in this more here.


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