A woman suffering from diabetes and hypertension

Question: Suffering from diabetes, hypertension and cholesterolemia, I am duty-bound to make up for the missed days of fast of two months and ten days. Moreover, I gave birth to a child during Ramadan and doctors asked me not to fast. Is it permissible for me to pay expiation for the missed days of fast? If yes, how much should I pay? Is it permissible for my children to fast on my behalf while I am still alive?

Answer: You should make up for the Ramadaan fasts you missed during past years. If you cannot make up for missed days of fast because your illness is incurable, you should feed a poor person per each day half a Saa` (1 Saa` = 3 kg. Approx.) of the local staple food. Such Kaffaarah (expiation) may be given in total to one poor person and may be given all at once. However, it is impermissible for your children to fast on your behalf while you are living..read more here.

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