A sick woman who can neither observe Sawm nor afford feeding a Miskeen

Question: A chronically sick woman did not observe Sawm (Fast) during Ramadaan last year. Even now, she cannot make up for the days she missed in Ramadaan, bearing in mind that she did not observe Sawm the entire month of Ramadaan. Moreover, she is unable to pay expiation or feed poor people. I would like also to inform you that doctors asked her not to observe Sawm. What should she do? What if she dies? May Allaah bless you and grant you success!

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned, this woman should feed a poor person for every day she breaks Sawm. The amount of what she pays to the poor is 1.5 kilogram of the common food of the country for each day she missed. However, if this is beyond her financial ability, she is excused..read more here.


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