Making up for the missed days of Sawm during illness throughout four years

Question: A person fell ill and was hospitalized; therefore, he did not perform Sawm (Fast) for some days in Ramadaan, but later recovered. He performed compensatory Sawm for some of the days of the previous Ramadaan, then the following Ramadaan came and he did not make up for the previous missed days.Is it permissible for him to make up for these days after the second Ramadaan, as he intends to make up for them?

Answer: This person should continue making up for the days in which he did not perform Sawm due to his illness, even after the next Ramadaan. Moreover, he should feed a Miskeen (needy) for every day of Sawm he missed and delayed without a legal excuse till the next Ramadaan came... read more here.


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