Delaying compensatory Sawm for the missed days of Ramadaan till recovery

Question: My wife suffers from physical pain. She could notperform Sawm (Fast) of the previous Ramadaan. And she will not be able to perform Sawm of the following Ramadaan. Thus, we ask you to give us your legal opinion concerning how she should make up for missed days of Sawm and the Kaffaarah (expiation) she should offer. May Allaah bless you!

Answer: If your wife is expected to recover, she should make up for Sawm for the days on which she broke it. She should do this after she recovers. If she is not expected to recover in the future, she should feed a Miskeen (needy) person for each day on which she broke her Sawm an amount of 1.5 kg of staple food of your country. This compensates for performing Sawm, as this Fatwaa was reported from a group of the Companions (may Allaah be pleased with them) of the Prophet (peace be upon him)... read more here.


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