Sawm for the patient suffering an incurable disease

Question: I suffer from renal failure. The doctor has forbidden me from performing Sawm (Fast), as it affects my health negatively and I cannot endure it. He decided that I should be treated by dialysis twice a week. I have undergone dialysis for a month and a half. Later I saw another doctor in Riyadh, who prescribed medication for me and diet. I eventually recovered, all praise be to Allah, but I broke my Sawm in Ramadaan for three years. I performed Sawm this year with difficulty, as I consulted a doctor who recommended me to perform Sawm for ten days and then return to him to determine whether I could continue Sawm till the end of the month or break it. When I came back to him, he told me to continue performing Sawm till the end of the month. I hope you will advise me concerning the days in which I did not perform Sawm.

Should I make up for the missed days of Sawm in the previous months of Ramadaan, although I paid Kaffaarah (expiation) for each month? If it is obligatory to make up for them, should I make up for the three months in one year or only a month per year? May Allaah safeguard you.

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned and you fed the poor (as Kaffaarah) for the previous years, as a trusted doctor told you that Sawm would affect your health negatively,as well as your inability to perform it in the future, your feeding of the poor was valid and there is no blame on you In-shaa-Allaah (if Allaah Wills). If your health is now better and the doctor permits you to perform Sawm, you should perform it in the future and you are not permitted to feed the poor instead… read more here.


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