A person’s wife suffers from kidney failure and cannot observe Sawm

Question: All praise be to Allaah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Last of the Prophets, to proceed:

The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Iftaa’ reviewed the question received by His Eminence the Grand Muftee from the Director of Da`wah and Guidance Center in Najran, referred to the Committee from the Secretariat General of the Council of Senior Scholars, no. 4313, dated 21 Sha`baan 1412 A.H., regarding a man’s wife suffering from kidney failure, stating the following:

His wife suffers from kidney failure and receives medical treatment at the Public Hospital in Najran. She cannot perform Sawm (Fast) as mentioned. We asked the husband to attach a medical report about the state of the patient from the hospital in which she receives treatment. We attach to Your Eminence the requested report received from Najran Hospital about the state of the patient. I hope you will give the man a legal opinionwhether his wife should perform Sawm or not. As stated in the attached medical report, the patient suffers from chronic kidney failure and undergoes dialysis treatments three times a week. The duration of each session is four hours.

Answer: Upon considering the Fatwaa request, the Committee answered that the patient is permitted to break her Sawm on the days which she receives dialysis treatments and the other days in which she is not on dialysis, if she cannot endure Sawm. She may make up for all of the days on which she broke her Sawm after Ramadaan, if she can… read more here.


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