Offering Sawm on behalf of a kidney patient

Question: I had a kidney transplant after suffering from kidney failure three years ago. Two Ramadaans passed in the last two years in which I broke my Sawm (fast) and fed a Miskeen (needy) according to the recommendation of the doctor, as I was not able to perform Sawm. The reason is that I was not able to delay my prescribed drug from the morning to the evening, and that I should drink no less than three or four liters of liquids to enable my kidney to work well. This year, the doctor informed me that there is no objection to perform Sawm, and I do, in fact, continue fasting, all praise be to Allaah. What should be done about the two previous months of Ramadaan, in which I broke my Sawm? Should I perform compensatory Sawm in my current state, even if I am afraid of the deterioration of my state, may Allaah forbid.

Answer: If the doctor, who told you this was Muslim, and you fed Miskeens for the two months in which you broke your Sawm, and now your health is better and you are able to perform Sawm, you should perform Sawm in the future without repeating the Sawm of the previous months… read more here.


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