A person who can make up for the missed days of Sawm

Question: I had an accident two years ago. During this period, I was not able to perform Sawm (Fast). Thus, I fed a Miskeen (needy) for each day and performed compensatory Sawm for a month. But, there is one month left, should I perform compensatory Sawm or feed Miskeens? All praise be to Allaah, I can now perform Sawm, but I am still paralyzed. I hope you will give me your Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by qualified Muslim scholar) concerning this matter.

Answer: If you can perform compensatory Sawm for the days in which you broke your Sawm, you should perform it. However, you should not feed Miskeens in this case, because it is only obligatory on a person who can not perform compensatory Sawm… read more here.


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