How to make up for the missed fasts of several months of Ramadaan?

Question: It happened that my wife suffered some burns on her body in 1408 A.H., and she was hospitalized for treatment. She remained there till the end of the year, which prevented her from fasting the month of Ramadaan in that year (i.e. 1408 A.H.). She could not fast because of the instructions of the doctor, since her body was bleeding and she was receiving glucose nutrition. She was also obliged to make up for a week of fast that she missed in Ramadaan of 1407 A.H. When she left the hospital, she managed to fast the Ramadaan of 1408 A.H. and then fasted the week of the previous Ramadaan of 1407 A.H. Is her fast this way correct, as she observed fast for what she missed in 1408 A.H. first and then the week missed in 1407 A.H.?

Please clarify the issue and the manner of expiatory fast or feeding the poor if there is anything obligatory on her.

Answer: The way she made up for the days of fast she missed of Ramadaan is correct. Yet, if she could fast the seven days before the following Ramadaan, she should feed a poor person as Kaffaarah (expiation) for each day,because she delayed making up for them till the next Ramadaan. Her way of fast is correct… read more here.


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