Making up for the days of Sawm missed due to a long-term illness

Question: I have been suffering an illness for several years. The illness began in a previous Ramadaan that I have not been able to make up for till now, since I am still under treatment. Every three months, I undergo an operation in the hospital for the completion of treatment that extends over five years. It should be known that I work far away from the area where I lived, which makes it very difficult for me to fast. Thus, what should I do? Please advise us! May Allaah reward you!

Answer: You should count the days in which you did not fast in Ramadaan and make up for them after Allaah (Exalted be He) grants you recovery from your illness. If the illness continues with you and your case is hopeless,you should feed a poor person for each day… read more here.

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