Undergoing abortion operation and observing Sawm while bleeding

Question: I was three months pregnant and I had an abortion ten days before Ramadaan. When Ramadaan started, I was still bleeding as a result of the abortion, but I observed Sawm (Fast) on the assumption that the blood was only Istihaadah (abnormal vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual or post-partum period). This is because the third month of pregnancy had not finished. What is the ruling on that?

Answer: This woman experienced non-menstrual bleeding, and thus it is inconsiderable. She did well when she continued fasting and praying; and if the case is exactly as you mentioned, her fast and Salaah before the miscarriage are valid and she does not have to compensate. After the miscarriage, however, the rulings vary according to the time in which the miscarriage took place. They are classified according to the four stages of pregnancy as follows… read more here.


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