A mother delaying making up for missed days of Sawm due to breastfeeding

Question: Last Ramadaan, my mother was in her postpartum period, and after Ramadaan she was breastfeeding. She wanted to make up for the missed Sawm (Fast), but she feared for her baby. She could not offer Kaffaarah (expiation), until this Ramadaan came. Please guide us. What should she do concerning the last Ramadaan, bearing in mind that she is fasting this Ramadaan. Is it permissible for her sons to fast on her behalf or should she offer Kaffaarah, and if so, how? May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: Your mother has to make up for the days on which she broke her Sawm during the past Ramadaan, even if this is after the next Ramadaan. There is no Kaffaarah due on her, because she did not overlook making up her Sawm, and she just delayed this due to breastfeeding her baby… read more here.


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