Ruling on bleeding outside the monthly period

Question: I am a young woman. My monthly period usually lasts for only five days. Once, it came before the White Days (13th, 14th, and 15th of every Hijri month), on which I usually observe fasting, all praise be to Allaah. I intended to observe fasting the first day of them, which coincided with the fifth and last day of my menstrual period, when I saw that the menstrual blood stopped. On that day, I proceeded with fasting until after Thuhr (Noon) Prayer, but I had to break the fasting because the menstrual blood resumed. On the second day of the White Days, I performed Ghusl (ritual bath) and intended to observe fasting. However, I noticed some bleeding, tending to be orange and sometimes red in color, still coming out. Yet, I did not break the fasting and continued it to the end of the day, putting my trust in Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He). The discharge did not stain my clothes, and I performed Ghuslonce again and changed my clothes. Also, on this second day of the White Days, at the time for `Asr (Afternoon) Prayer, I went to perform Wudoo’ (ablution) and offer the two Rak`ahs (units of Prayer) of Wudoo’ only to find the bleeding had once again resumed and it was brown in colour. This time, it stained my clothes. I performed Ghusl once again and continued fasting the rest of the day. What is the ruling on fasting this day? Is it invalid?

Answer: Your Sawm is valid because your usual period of menstruation was over, and the bleeding mentioned above is not judged as menstruation… read more here.


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