Not making up for the days of fasting missed by a menstruating woman

Question: A woman used to break her fast during her monthly period in Ramadaan, but she would neither make up for the missed days of fasting nor for the missed Prayers. However, she was ignorant of the legal ruling in this regard. What should she do now, taking into consideration that she was doing this out of ignorance? Please provide us with a legal Fatwaa’ on this matter, may Allaah reward you greatly!

Answer: She is obligated to make up for the number of the days of fasting she had missed in Ramadaan due to menstruation, whether this happened in one year or a number of years. In addition, she must feed a needy person as an expiation along with making up of the days of fasting she had missed. The expiation is giving this person half of a Saa` (1 Saa`= 3 KG Approx) from the staple food of the country, if she can afford it. However, if she cannot afford it, then fasting alone will be sufficient… read more here.

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