What are the conditions of observing the I‘tikaaf ?

Question: What are the conditions of I‘tikaaf (seclusion for worship in a Masjid)? Is Sawm (Fast) a condition of I‘tikaaf? Is it permissible for a Mu‘takif (one who observes I‘tikaaf) to visit a sick person, accept an invitation, tend to his family’s needs, attend a funeral, or go to work?

Answer: It is legislated to observe I‘tikaaf in a Masjid (mosque) in which congregational Salaahs are held. If the Mu‘takif is one of those for whom Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer is obligatory and the period of I‘tikaaf will include a Friday, it is better for him to stay in a Masjid where Jumu‘ah Prayer is observed. It is not a condition for the Mu‘takif to be fasting… read more here.

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