A woman who did not fast in Ramadaan for three years

Question: My wife has given birth to a child at the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadaan for the last three years. In other words, she has not observed Sawm (fast) for the last three months of Ramadaan. Please, inform us what the expiation is.

Answer: She must proceed to make up for the Sawm she has missed for three successive months of Ramadaan. In addition, she has to feed a needy person half a Saa` (1 Saa`=3 kg. Approx.) of wheat, rice or any other local staple foodstuff per day she missed. This is because she delayed making up for the Sawm she missed till another month of Ramadaan has started – if she delayed making it up while having the ability to do so..read more here.

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