Sawm of a patient with a serious disease

Question: I suffered from a serious disease in the last ten days of Ramadaan, 1395 A.H. I broke the Sawm (Fast) for four days in this blessed month because of my sickness. I hoped that I could make up for these days when I would restore my health. I am still ill up to now and the coming Ramadan is about to start. I am unable to make up for these days and to fast the next Ramadaan. Additionally, I am not sure that I will restore my health in the future. Would you please tell me in writing what I should do and the present cash value of feeding? If there are a few poor people in our village, can I pay them this value more than once?

Answer: If the case is as you have mentioned, you have to be patient until Allaah cures you of your illness... read more here.


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