Sawm of a diabetic and tuberculosis patient

Question: My mother is 66 years old. For the last seven years she suffered from diabetes, and since she was diagnosed, she has continued to receive treatment for her condition. Also, in 1398 A.H she came down with tuberculosis and I took her to Kuwait in search of treatment. She remained hospitalized at the Thoracic Disease Hospital in 1399-1400 A.H. where she was treated for two years until her condition improved relatively speaking. Since she left the hospital she has been living at my home and she is still being treated for these two conditions and must visit the hospital every week. She also suffers from general physical weakness due to her old age and these incurable diseases. She cannot fast at the present time as she has to drink at least one cup of water every two hours.

Likewise, she did not fast the last two years while she was in the hospital according to the advice of her physicians. Next Ramadaan is coming soon and we would like to know, may Allaah reward you well, what should be done concerning the days of fasting that she missed the last two years and also regarding the fasting of next Ramadaan that she cannot perform. May Allaah grant you success and forgive you! Peace be upon you!

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned regarding your mother’s illness,then she is allowed to give up fasting during the month of Ramadaan as long as she remains in this condition. If she recovers and is able to make up for the missed days, she should do so by fasting... read more here.

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