Illnesses that allow breaking the Sawm

Question: My wife was suffering from an abdominal illness, so I took her to Al-Huda Specialist Hospital in Al-Taa’if. She observed Sawm (Fast) for ten days last Ramadaan, but she could not complete the rest of the month. The specialist said to us that she had to eat six meals a day due to her weakness. Now Ramadaan is near again and I remembered that she has not been able to make up for the days that she missed last Ramadaan. I, therefore, ask of Allaah, and then of you, to guide me to the correct Fatwaa. Can paying a Fidyah (ransom) compensate for the days of Sawm she missed, because the doctor said that she must eat six meals daily over the course of the day? Please advise us. May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: If the case is as you mentioned, she is excused for not fasting during Ramadaan. She has to make up for the days she did not fast, if Allaah cures her and she becomes able enough to fast. Likewise, if she is unable to fast during the coming month of Ramadaan or part of it, she can abstain from Sawm and make up for the missed days, if Allaah cures her... read more here.

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