Taking medications during the day of Ramadaan

Question: I would like to inform Your Eminence that I have been suffering from asthma and severe allergy for 13 years. I traveled to London this year to perform medical examinations because sickness has caused me some complications. May Allaah protect you. The physician advised me to take medicine for three months three times a day. This specified period will coincide with the month of Ramadan. I would like to know what I should do as my condition requires receiving medicine to cure my lungs. I suffer great hardship due to observing Sawm (Fast) every year during Ramadaan. What should I do? May Allaah protect Your Eminence and guide you to increase in good deeds!

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned, there will be no blame on you in taking medicine according to your needs even if it is during daytime in Ramadaan for the sake of alleviating your pain and hoping that Allaah may cure you. If your medicine can be taken through the nose, intravenously, or intramuscular for the sake of alleviating asthma and facilitating breathing, your Sawm will be valid and you will not be required to make up for these days later... read more here.

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