Taking intravenous injections and ending Sawm according to a sighting place in another country

Question: A person was in Egypt at the end of Ramadaan in the year 95 A.H. At this time, Egypt followed Kuwait in announcing the time of `Eed-ul-Fitr (the Festival of Breaking the Fast) one day before Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This day became a day of `Eed in Egypt. The inquirer is asking: Should they make up for this day? They also ask whether or not intravenous injections break Sawm (fast) when they have it?

Answer: Regarding the first question about people breaking their fast in Egypt based on the establishment of the `Eed following Kuwait, knowing that the inquirer was in Egypt at that time, it seems to us that there is no harm in this act [breaking fast for `Eed in Egypt] and that they do not have to make up for this day, for they followed the ruling of the country where they were present after being certain of the beginning of the month of Shawwaal... read more here.

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