Is it lawful for a wife who enters Islaam to inform her husband?

Question 3: An Indonesian Christian woman who had come to Berlin, in West Germany, for a special task she is entrusted with by the government of Indonesia, converted to Islaam. The woman belongs to an influential family which has good connections with President Suharto. Moreover, her husband is an official in the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and Security. In Shaa’ Allaah (If Allaah wills), through her conversion to Islaam, being an intellectual and influential woman, she will prove to be useful to Islaam and Muslims. However, the dilemma is that Her husband is a Christian bigot and thus she cannot declare her conversion to Islaam. Until now, no one knows about her conversion except us (7 people only). Nevertheless, she intends to tell her husband and children about her conversion to Islaam in her own way so that she can call them to Islaam. Your Eminence Shaykh, I do not know what to do in this regard knowing that Allaah prohibited that a Muslim woman be married to a non-Muslim man and that such a woman has to leave her husband immediately after her conversion to Islaam. On account of her being a new convert to Islaam, I do not think she can enforce such an Islaamic ruling and I fear that she may go back to disbelief. Furthermore, she does not belong to an ordinary family. Had she belonged to an ordinary family, leaving the husband would have been easy. Therefore, I ask you about the issue and want, if possible, a fatwaa’ from Shaykh Ibn Baaz. May I postpone ordering her to leave her non-Muslim husband until her belief gets stronger? Or, what should I tell her?

Answer: She has to tell her husband about her conversion to Islaam and that she is now prohibited to be his wife until he embraces Islaam. If he embraces Islaam while she is in her `Iddah (waiting period), she will remain his wife without the need to contract marriage anew. However, if he converts to Islam after the `Iddah is over, he may marry her anew through a new marriage contract provided that she shows her consent and all Shar`ee (Islaamic legal) conditions are met... read more here.

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