Abstaining from having intimate relations with the husband due to the wife’s illness

Question 43: A woman has suffered from a psychological disorder since she was 11. It seems as if she is possessed by a Jinn (creatures created from fire). It is noteworthy that with Allaah’s Grace she is abiding by her Deen (Islaamic faith). She is married and has children, but now she keeps away from her husband and prevents him from having intercourse with her, because she always feels as if another man is having intercourse with her. She claims that a man has written some Aayaat (Qur’aanic verse) of Qur’aan for her and she has put them in a Mus-haf under her pillow. But she continues to suffer from this and adds that this happens to her in her dreams while sleeping at night. This is a severe problem that only Allaah knows how to overcome.

First: Is there any sin upon her?

Second: Is there any medical or Islaamic cure for this disease? Please advise, may Allaah reward you the best!

Answer: First: There is no sin upon her for what she sees in her dreams; having sexual intercourse with a man as a husband and wife, for the sleeper is not to be held responsible in Sharee`ah (Islaamic law). Yet, if she observes any discharge of Maniy (spermatic fluid); she should perform Ghusl (ceremonial bath). She should also enable her husband to have a sexual intercourse with her as much as she can but if she cannot or her husband waives his right to that; there is no sin upon her... read more here.

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