Husband dying while being angry with his wife

Question 34: I am now an old woman who enjoyed a happy marital life. This happy life was the envy of all the people around us. An evil eye caused our relationship to deteriorate. In recent years, my feelings towards my husband changed; I could not bear speaking or sitting with him. Furthermore, due to my suffering from diabetes and blood pressure I became sensitive to anything my husband did. The clashes between us ended with an experience of overwhelming anger. My husband died on 25/2/1414 A.H. while he was angry with me. I am worried about this as I could not fulfill the rights he had over me. That is why I enquire about whether a Kaffaarah (expiation) is required or not. I have deep regret and want to expiate. Please answer me, may Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: Every right each partner has over the other is great and must be fulfilled. With regards to what you did with your husband, if it was done unwillingly, hopefully, you are not sinful. If it was intentional, you would be accountable and you have to perform Tawbah (repentance to Allaah), ask Allaah’s forgiveness, and make Du`aa’ (supplication) frequently for your husband... read more here.

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