Wife hiding non-virginity due to an accident from the husband

Question 1: A Muslim woman had an accident in her childhood which caused her to lose her virginity. Her marriage contract has been concluded but she has not consummated marriage yet. Another woman had the same accident when she was a child and now many suitable suitors propose to her. What should both of them do? Should the married woman tell her husband before the consummation of marriage or keep it a secret? With regards to the woman who has not yet got married, should she keep it a secret so people may not think ill about her, especially that the accident happened in her childhood when she was not legally competent? Or is it considered cheating and treachery? Should she tell her suitors about the accident before concluding the contract?

Answer: There is no harm in the Sharee`ah to keep it a secret, then if the husband asks her after the consummation of marriage, she should tell him the truth… read more here.

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