Practices for women to remain chaste

Question 7:  There are many traditions in our society which I believe are not from the Sunnah to protect women’s virginity. A young girl is brought and is asked to urinate in pit. This pit was used before in traditional weaving. The girl throws seven pebbles at the urine. They claim that this act protects her virginity. When she is engaged, the girl weaves a traditional loom and oversteps it in a way I do not understand. They ask her to say certain words which are not understood. This was applied to many girls. A girl does not lose her virginity, even if she commits adultery. What is the ruling on such superstitions?

Answer: What is mentioned with regards to girls urinating in a pit and saying certain words to protect their virginity is impermissible as this is an act of Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islaamic time of ignorance) and superstitions with which devils among mankind deceive ignorant people… read more here.

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