Obeying the husband and asking his permission to go out

Question 8: I am married and have a child, thanks to Allaah. Some small problems broke out between me and my husband. One day, my elder sister phoned me, and I told her about a problem that I had with my husband. She told me to leave my child with him and go to my family as the wife of so-and-so did when she left her twenty-day child with her husband. She advised me to do the same as her. She told me to hit my husband with a knife or the like in case another dispute takes place between us. When I first told her what had happened, I thought she would give me good advice. I thought she cared about my future and does not want to ruin my life. I was enraged by her words; she cursed my husband and said that he was a bastard.

When I told my husband, he got angry and prevented me fromvisiting her forever. I told him that severing the ties of kinship is Haraam (prohibited). However, he insisted on his stand.

Respected shaykh, this is my problem; should I obey my husband and sever the ties of kinship with my sister, or what should I do? Answer me, may Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: Obeying your husband and asking his permission to visit your sister is obligatory. You should convince him in a nice way; if he persists, you have to obey him, for obeying him is obligatory upon you, and you will not be held accountable for not visiting your sister… read more here.

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