Asking for divorce because the husband does not pray

Question 18: I would like to tell Your Eminence that I have been married for twenty-one years. I have six sons and daughters. I am always in dispute with my husband, mainly because he does not regularly perform the five daily prayers; and he misses some Prayers. Sometimes, he performs Prayer in the Masjid (mosque) and other times he does not perform it either in the Masjid or at home, particularly, the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer, which he rarely performs. However, he always observes the Jumu`ah (Friday) Prayer. In addition, he smokes; I advised him many times and reminded him of the punishment of neglecting Prayer, but, he did not respond. I ask your Eminence whether I should stay with him or ask for divorce? How could we urge our children to observe Prayer, as they were affected by him and hardly perform Prayer? Who is to blame for that: me or their father; as I am a woman and they do not accept my advice except with great trouble? Kindly advise me, especially that this situation has affected my psychological state and I suffer now from some psychological problems.

Answer: If your husband persists in his non-observance of Prayer, you have to ask for divorce, for he who abandons prayer deliberately commits an act of Kufr (disbelief). The Prophet (peace be upon him) says… read more here.

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