Applying Henna on the wedding night to the groom’s right hand index finger etc

Question 6: When a husband puts henna on the wedding night, the following takes place: He sits among a group of his friends in the wedding. Then a woman, who may be dressed according to the Islaamic dress code or may be uncovering her arms and hair, comes to them. She places a pot of henna in front of her. After a short time, she puts henna on the groom’s right hand index finger and on the hands of any of friend interested in putting henna. After that the husband starts collecting money from his friends and the attendance. The question now is: Is this practice permissible in the Islaamic Sharee`ah or not? It should be noted that this practice helps the groom with money. Is it permissible for a woman, young or old, to go out in front of men?

Answer: This practice in the mentioned way is not permissible… read more here.

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