Is it lawful to forbid sisters from attending weddings?

Question 25: I prevent my sisters from going to the wedding parties held in our neighborhood. Since this matter upsets my mother and sisters and makes them call me ‘unjust’ as all the girls of the neighborhood attend such parties, I ask about the Shari`ah ruling on my act; is it injustice, as my mother claims? Am I a sinner? Please guide me. May Allaah guide you!

Answer: If the Waleemah (wedding dinner) includes forbidden acts such as men mixing with women, or serving forbidden food and drinks, or singing using musical instruments, and so on, then it is not permissible to attend. It is permissible for women to sing while using the tambourine at marriage weddings. If the Walimah does not include serving forbidden food or drink, there is no harm for women to attend... read more here.

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