Groom walking in a procession of women

Question 15: What is the legal ruling on wedding parties in which the groom walks to his bride in a procession of women. After that the bride and groom sit on their bridal throne which is called Minasah where strange women can see him and he can see them in their adornment. Is it permissible to make this bridal throne? If it is a common habit that women go to wedding and participate in playing the Duff (a tambourine-like instrument without bells) to announce marriage, how should the men who have a sense of honor allow their wives to look at the groom who is Ajnabee (men lawful for the woman to marry) to them when he goes to sit on the bridal throne, especially that according to the customs, he has to sit there? What should the Ajnabee (woman lawful for the man to marry) woman do at that moment?I hope your Eminence will explain the ruling on this and guide us to do what is right through a written Fatwaa’ to be read by everyone so they may know what is right with regards to their religion, morals and customs.

Answer: It is not permissible to celebrate weddings by dancing and singing in the Masjid. Moreover, you are not permitted tomix between reciting the Qur’aan and these songs. Beating tambourines is permissible only for women in places other than the Masjid in order to announce this marriage among women... read more here.

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