Accepting the invitation in places which involve Munkar such as public party, public park

Question 1: Is it permissible to join a public party in a public park? It is worth mentioning that we are invited to such a party and that one girl or more, Muslim or non-Muslim, will join it. Since the park is big and has very vast spaces that we can sit in, is a male Muslim considered a sinner if he accepts the invitation and sits alone or with some of his male friends far from the place where the ladies sit. It is worth mentioning that all, males and females, will be in one party seeing each other. Moreover, it is most probable that one woman or more may, due to curiosity or any other reason, intervene and sit with men who are far from the place where ladies sit.

Answer: It is impermissible for you to accept the concerned invitation even if you are going to sit in a far place. This is because such a party is a means for temptation, it includes Munkar (that which is unacceptable or disapproved of by Islaamic law and Muslims of sound intellect), and accepting its invitation is tantamount to participating in Munkar, not trying to change it, and being content with the involved sins committed by others… read more here.

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