Rules of Tahaarah and the manner of Salaah to be observed by a patient

Question 8: All praise be to Allaah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Last of the Prophets! The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Iftaa’ has examined the Fatwa request submitted to his Eminence, the General Muftee, from a sincere brother, and referred to the Committee from the General Secretariat of Council of Senior Scholars under no. 5431 dated 25/12/1414 A.H. The brother states in his message that he detected a lack of knowledge on the part of some patients in a hospital regarding how they should perform Salaah (Prayer) and Wudoo’ (ablution), especially the patients who are unable to move. His desire is to receive a detailed Fatwaa’ on the rulings of Tahaarah (ritual purification) and Salaah of a sick person.

Answer: After examining the information mentioned above, the Committee answered as follows:

First: Tahaarah observed by a sick person:

1. Like a healthy person, a patient has to perform Tahaarah with water to remove both major and minor impurity. A patient has to perform Wudoo’ to remove the state of minor Hadath (ritual impurity that necessitates ablution) and Ghusl (full ritual bath) to remove the state of major Hadath (ritual impurity that necessitates full bath)… read more here.

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