Ruling on women studying medicine

Question 30: I have a daughter in the second year of the Faculty of Medicine. She stopped studying this year, because she believed that going out of home for education is Haraam (prohibited) for a woman. She was studying for a profession in medicine, with the intention of treating Muslim women by specializing in gynecology and wanting to treat poor women for free. This was her intention when she entered the Faculty of Medicine to study to be a doctor, and this is still her intention. In fact her belief in this has increased and she loves medicine, but she fears Allaah and fears that by going for education, she will be committing a sin, even though she goes to the faculty in full Islaamic clothing, wearing a Niqaab (face veil).

Answer: Learning medicine is a collective obligation on Muslim men and women as they are both needed to provide medical treatment for men and women. If women go out of their homes dressed immodestly or semi-naked, in violation of the Islaamic dress code, or making a public display of their adornment or charms, this is Haraam (prohibited)... read more here.

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