Is it permissible to perform Istinjaa’ in front of others?

Question 169Many Muslims in Yemen have basins in front of the Masjids (mosques) where they perform Istinjaa’ (cleansing the private parts with water after urination or defecation) in front of the people and then resume their Wudoo’ (ablution). Is their Salaah (Prayer) valid? What is the ruling on Istinjaa’ in front of the people?

Answer: A person who wants to perform Istinjaa’ should screen himself and not reveal his `Awrah (parts of the body that must be covered in public) in front of the people. It is not permissible to perform Istinjaa’ and Wudoo’ inside these small basins. A person should rather perform Istinjaa’ and Wudoo’ outside them, so as not to cause the water to become Najis (ritually impure) or dirty… read more here.

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