Wudoo’ made from a tank, in which a pigeon has died and the smell of water has changed

Question 161What is the ruling on the Wudoo’ (ablution) of some people who used water from a tank, then after a week discovered a dead pigeon inside it? They kept using water from the tank for Wudoo’ and Tahaarah (ritual purification) for a week before they discovered the dead pigeon until the smell of water changed. We appreciate your advice. May Allaah reward you with the best!

Answer: All the people who performed Wudoo’ from the water referred to in the question, after its characteristics had changed due to the death of a pigeon inside the tank, have to repeat the Salaahs (Prayers) for which they performed Wudoo’ from that altered water. This is because they have been performing Wudoo’ from Najis (ritually impure) water which does not remove the state of Hadath (ritual impurity that invalidates ablution). And Allaah knows best… read more here.

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