Performing Salaah while one’s body and clothes stained with blood of an animal ?

Question 140Some Muslims come to the Masjid (mosque) to offer Salaah (Prayer) while their clothes are stained with blood. When they are advised to remove the blood, they reply that it is the blood of a sacrificial animal whose meat is Halaal (lawful) and its blood does not invalidate Salaah. Is this statement true or not? Is it permissible to offer Salaah when a person’s skin or clothes have been stained with blood or not?

Answer: All praise be to Allaah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, and his family and Companions. Tahaarah (purity) as well as permissibility are the basic rule of things. Nothing should be declared Haraam (forbidden) or Najis (impure) unless there is evidence for it. There is no absolute correlation between what is forbidden and what is impure; everything impure is forbidden, but not everything forbidden is impure… read more here.

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