Waswasah (insinuating thoughts from Satan) during Salaah

Question 69: What is the preponderant opinion regarding the water that will be used for Wudoo’ (ablution) and what is the remedy for Waswasah (insinuating or obsessive thoughts instigated by Satan) about Tahaarah (ritual impurity)? A friend of mine is so anxious, to the point where he would take off clothes that had been splashed by drops of water in the bathroom during Wudoo’ and eventually he stopped performing Salaah (Prayer). I have advised him and he has started praying again, but he has asked me how he can overcome these doubts.

Answer: All praise be to Allaah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, and his family and Companions. Firstly: The basic ruling on water is that it is Taahir (ritually pure). If its color, taste, or odor changes, due to being mixed with a Najaasah (ritual impurity), it will be considered to be Najis (ritually impure), whether the amount is small or large. However, if the Najaasah does not alter it, it will be considered as Taahir, but if there is only very little water, it is preferable not to use it for purification, as a precaution and to escape the difference of opinion of the scholars over this… read more here.

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