Hadeeth, “Recite (Soorah) Yaa-Seeen over your dead”?

Question 132: 

1.  If anyone recites Soorah Yaa-Seeen, it will be recorded for him as reciting the Qur’aan ten times. 

2. If anyone recites Soorah Yaa-Seeen at a night, his sins will be forgiven in the morning.

3. Recite (Soorah) Yaa-Seeen over your dead.

4. I wish that it (Soorah Yaa-Seeen) is in the heart of every person in my Ummah (Muslim nation). What is the degree of authenticity of these Hadeeths?

Answer: 1. The first Hadeeth is reported by Al-Tirmidee, Al-Daarimee and Al-Bayhaaqee. It is ranked as Da`eef (weak) by Al-Tirmidee who said: “This is Hadeeth Ghareeb (a Hadeeth with a single narrator usually at the beginning of the chain of narration).”... read more here.


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