What is the ruling on ‘Hadr recitation’ style of the Qur’aan?

Question 102: What is the opinion of Your Eminence regarding reciting the Qur’aan with the style known as Hadr (reciting the Qur’aan rapidly yet following the rules) that is widespread in Saudi Arabia and the melodious recitation that is widespread in Egypt, which is characterized by protraction?

Answer: It is a prerequisite to recite the Qur’aan in the proper and right way at a slow pace. It is also recommended to recite it in a good voice. Actually, Hadr is a good style for reciting the Qur’aan. However, melodious and very slow-paced recitation is not permissible as it resembles singing. In fact, the Qur’aan should be protected and be far above being recited as such... read more here.

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