Finding it hard to recite the Qur’aan due to medical issue? What to do?

Question 94: I am a sick man and I had a stroke that left me with a speech defect. I find difficulty in pronouncing the letters of the Qur’aan and sometimes the meaning changes. Therefore, I recite without pronouncing it out loud for fear of mispronunciation. Am I to be blamed for mispronunciation that results from speech defects?

Answer: You can recite the Qur’aan according to your ability, for Allaah (Exalted be He) says: So keep your duty to Allaah and fear Him as much as you can The Prophet (peace be upon him) says in the Saheeh (authentic) Hadeeth:And anyone who falters while reciting the Qur’aan, and finds it difficult for him, will have a double reward.... read more here.

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