“Anyone who does not recite the entire Qur’aan over the course of 30 days…”

Question 88: Is it true that a person who does not complete a Khatmah (one complete reading of the entire Qur’aan) over the course of 30 days is considered among those who have abandoned the Qur’aan?

Answer: It is legislated for a Muslim to recite as much Qur’aan as they can, acting upon the Saying of Allaah (Exalted be He): And I am commanded to be from among the Muslims (those who submit to Allaah in Islaam). And that I should recite the Qur’aan It is also permissible to recite the entire Qur’aan in less than 30 days as the Salaf (righteous predecessors) would do. However, anyone who recites the entire Qur’aan in more than a month is not considered among those who abandon the Qur’aan... read more here.


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