Ruling on printing the trade name, “The family of `Abdul-Rahmaan” on plastic bags

Question 69: I own a series of stores in Khamis Mushait. We have printed our trade name, “The family of `Abdul-Rahmaan [the family of the slave of the Most Merciful]” on the plastic bags. However, a seeker of knowledge told us that this is not permissible as these bags might be thrown in unsuitable places. He also added that this is an act of Kufr (disbelief). All praise is due to Allaah, we did not mean to desecrate Allaah’s Name. On the contrary, we did this with good intentions as this has been our trade name since a long time ago. If this is an act of Kufr, we repent to Allaah from such an act.

We agreed to write to you seeking your opinion in this regard for we trust your knowledge.

Answer: You should change the trade name printed on the plastic bags because it includes one of the Exalted Names of Allaah which is Al-Rahmaan (the Most Merciful). Keeping the Name of Allaah as a trade name subjects it to desecration. It would be better for you to find another name that is free from this... read more here.

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