Impermissibility of absence or late arrival at work without a valid excuse

Question 8: I am a government employee whose working hours are from 5 to 11 in the afternoon and as everyone knows, my salary is very minimal. That is why I have another job and I only go to my government job between 6 – 6:30, but I do everything that is asked of me perfectly. My question now is: Is it Haraam (prohibited) to spend the time of my government job doing something else, as my boss tells me? Is the salary I receive ill-gotten and has no blessing from Allaah? I hope you will answer me regarding this sensitive issue, as I am confused and I fear to be receiving an unlawful salary, besides its being minimal. Bear in mind that I do my job and the other one as well.

Answer: You must be present at your work during the official working hours and you must not leave without taking the permission of your boss in agreement with the system... read more here.

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