Is prophet `Eesaa (Jesus) better than other Prophets, he had no father?

Question 531: Is prophet `Eesaa (Jesus, peace be upon him) better than other Prophets because he was born like no other human, and because he did not die like other Prophets?

Answer: That `Eesaa (Jesus, peace be upon him) was born to no father and that he was raised to heaven, does not mean that he is better than other Prophets. The proof is the fact that the two Khaleels (beloved, close elect) of Allaah, the Merciful, namely Ibraaheem (i.e. Abraham) and Muhammad (peace be upon them) were not blessed with any such miracles. However, they are surely better than `Eesaa. In fact they are the best Prophets ever (peace and blessings be upon them all) more here.

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