Taking photos of camels in good health for the sake of selling these camels

Question 373: I have some camels and I live on the plains. I want to sell some of those camels which are in good health. I offered them to some merchants and they demanded their photos as they are far from my place and cannot come here. Is it permissible to photograph the camels and send the photos to them. My intention is not to commit unlawful deeds, but I need to convince them of the camels’ good health in order for them to agree on my price.

Answer: Taking photos of animals and creatures with souls is not permissible, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed those who make Tasweer (painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography), and he informed that they would undergo the utmost torture on the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, taking photos for the mentioned reason is not permissible for Tasweer is categorically prohibited in Islaam with no specification. Besides, this case is not considered essential because there is a possibility for the purchaser to assign another person to check the camels if he cannot travel... read more here.

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